Bestzeiten/Personal best:

Bestzeiten/Personal best
10 km: 42 min 53 sec (2011) *** 21,1 km: 1h 37min 35sec (2009) *** 42,2 km: 3h 30min 33sec (2009) ***
56 km (Two Oceans):
4h 54min 00sec (2011) *** 89 km (Comrades uphill): 8h 49min (2015)

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Two Oceans Ultra 6h PUMA Pacer ready to go - 04.04.2012

At these huge events like the Two Oceans Marathon, with 16,000 Half marathon and 9,000 Ultra marathon runners it's best to register at the very first day. The shops still have all sizes on stock and the staff is fresh and in a good mood ;)

During the registration I received my race kit, sponsored by PUMA. I also hat the opportunity to hand out "pace charts" for the runners. Such a pace chart is a little wrist band with split times, so you know if you are on track for the time you would like to finish.

During these 2 hours I also had the opportunity to promote my "6 hour bus", that's how pace makers in South Africa are called. Actually, the pace makers are called "bus drivers" and the bus are the people running with him. Due to the PUMA sponsorship, we are running as PUMA Pacers with highly visible race gear and a flag.

I'm very much looking forward to the 7.4.2012 and this fantastic event.

Special thanks to Steffi from OMTOM management for supporting my wish to be a PUMA Pacer on my birthday.

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