Bestzeiten/Personal best:

Bestzeiten/Personal best
10 km: 42 min 53 sec (2011) *** 21,1 km: 1h 37min 35sec (2009) *** 42,2 km: 3h 30min 33sec (2009) ***
56 km (Two Oceans):
4h 54min 00sec (2011) *** 89 km (Comrades uphill): 8h 49min (2015)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

First Race in 2012 - Bay 2 Bay (30 km) - 08.01.2012

My first race in 2012 was the "Bay 2 Bay" 30 km run from Camps Bay to Hout Bay and back (near Cape Town). The route is beautiful, almost all the time along the coastline. But it's also a tricky one: the first 10 km are slightly uphill, followed by some 2 km downhill, than you turn around and go the same way back. This means from km 18 - 20 you're facing a pretty steep uphill section.

The temperature of 20°C in the morning at 6.00am was ok. We were lucky, since the heavy wind the night before had stopped. We were not so lucky with regards to sun/clouds. There were no clouds at all. From 7.00am on almost the complete route was heating up by the sun. Wow, that's been tough.

The uphill from km 18 to 20 did hit me strong. I also didn't wanted to invest all of my energy, since I have a full marathon ahead in 2 weeks time where I'd like to run a good time.

In the end I made it and reached my minimal goal of running a sub 2h 30min, since I did finish in 2h 29min...

Big compliment to my wife. She finished 18 min faster than last year!

distance: 30.0 km
time: 2h 29min 03sec
pace: 4:58 min/km
heart rate (avg): 169

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