Bestzeiten/Personal best:

Bestzeiten/Personal best
10 km: 42 min 53 sec (2011) *** 21,1 km: 1h 37min 35sec (2009) *** 42,2 km: 3h 30min 33sec (2009) ***
56 km (Two Oceans):
4h 54min 00sec (2011) *** 89 km (Comrades uphill): 8h 49min (2015)

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Change of plans for my Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 2013

Yesterday, Tuesday the 26th of March, 4 days before race day, I received a call from the Two Oceans Marathon Organization.
Since they know me from my 2012 Pace Setter activities, my name got into their mind, when they faced a challenging situation:

One of the runners at the Ultra is going to be the blind adventurer and motivational speaker Hein Wagner ( It's going to be the first Ultra Marathon in his life, after finishing several huge sports events, and also a preparation run for his Ironman 2 weeks later.

Now - his running partner who would have guided him through the race can't make it and they need a guide for Hein. And they did ask me.

I still get goosebumps from writing this. Because one of the themes of Two Oceans Marathon is "run for more than yourself".

For this year I had no special plans for my race, because I know I am not fit enough to run a personal best (sub 5h).Last year I ran for the group I was guiding as their pace setter.

It took a few minutes to make a decision:

I knew, that I felt strong enough to run a 5h 15min or slower and Hein's plans are rather a 5h45min which should be in my range anyway.
But it's a different story to run for a group that could carry on even without me as their pace setter - because they can run without a pace setter - and now having a person who would rely on me 100%.

If I can't run, he can't run. If I can't finish, he can't finish. That's a different kind of responsibility.

But, as many of you might expect, I accepted with pleasure.

I want to thank Stefanie from Two Oceans for giving me the opportunity to run for much more than myself and I want to thank Hein for his trust in me.

On Friday, the day before the race, we will meet for a short "test run".

Wish us luck!

And my finish time can be expected at 11:15 MEZ or 12:15 CAT after approx 5h 45 min.

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