Bestzeiten/Personal best:

Bestzeiten/Personal best
10 km: 42 min 53 sec (2011) *** 21,1 km: 1h 37min 35sec (2009) *** 42,2 km: 3h 30min 33sec (2009) ***
56 km (Two Oceans):
4h 54min 00sec (2011) *** 89 km (Comrades uphill): 8h 49min (2015)

Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Runner's breakfast after a long training run - 14.12.2013

Today a look behind the scenes and into the kitchen ;)

Recovery drink right after the run

Right after today's 31,3 km run, I have a 1/2 l of a recovery drink + 1/4 l of a protein recovery drink, both from German brand Sanct Bernhard Sport (Activ3).

The protein drink actually tastes terrible, but the effect is quite remarkable and I feel (or believe I do so) an immediate positive impact on my tired muscles.

The recovery drink on the other hand tastes delicious.

By the way: A drink with lots of sugger right after a long or intense training session is counterproductive. The sugger slows down/reduces the ability of your muscles to recover.
Having "sugger water" during a run alternated with salty drinks are fine. But not right after a run.

Breakfast - the real deal 

After the recovery drinks and a shower, a delicious breakfast is on the menue.

Today: Omelette with gorgonzola (or blue cheese), bacon, bananas and tomatoes.

It might sound weird, but it tastes delicious (or "lekker" how it's called in South Africa).

the ingredients
the omellete made from 4 eggs with some milk and the gorgonzola
crispy bacon and (just to heat them up) the bananas and tomatoes

the final dish

That's a nice portion of protein, some vitamins and salt (that's how I excuse the bacon ;)

This portion is sufficient for 2 (at least for my wife and me).

Breakfast part 2

Well, after such a long run, kind of a little sin should be acceptable...

No worries, I did NOT consume the whole 1kg Nutella jug ;)

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